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A best friends to lovers novella



  • New adult romance (Standalone)


  • Best friends to lovers

  • Pen Pals

  • Shy big boy hero x Confident influencer plus-sized heroine

  • College/University Romance


Trigger Warnings:

  • See blurb


Liam O’Connell and Mabel Garcia have a lot in common.

Big dreamers. White chocolate lovers. Supernatural movies and TV shows enthusiasts.

Oh, and they’re both hopelessly in love with each other (but haven’t had the courage to confess it yet).

High school pen pals turned texting best friends, they’ve been inseparable for two years, their friendship packed with laughter and heart-warming banter.

But things are beginning to change now.

Mabel is getting impatient with her need to finally see Liam in person, and he’s too busy hiding behind his walls.

Every time Mabel asks him to hang out, Liam finds a way to dodge her attempts.

Until a chance encounter at the local bar leaves them with mixed emotions and unresolved feelings.

Can Liam get over his insecurities, or will he lose the girl of his dreams before he’s even had her?


Trigger Warnings: This book contains some strong language, sexual content, and mentions of bullying.
Reader discretion is advised.

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