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Sins of Montardor - Book I



  • Dark New Adult Mafia Romance

  • Second Chance Romance

  • Romantic Suspense/Mystery


  • Bad Boy x Bad Girl

  • Morally Grey Characters

  • Gothic School Setting

  • Past and Present Timelines

  • College/University Romance


Trigger Warnings: See blurb

Please note, Trapped With You (Remastered) will have two covers: regular edition (illustrated cover) and special edition (discreet object-based) cover. The eBook will only have the illustrated cover on Amazon.


Rumor has it that the prince of Montardor’s underworld is still wretchedly in love with the girl who broke his heart…


When I was a sixteen-year-old girl, I met the love of my life.

Cade Killian Remington was beautiful, perfect, and all mine.

Everyone in Montardor’s high society knew me as a good girl, but he was the only one who saw through my façade.


My dark prince was the other half of me.


For three years, we had it all. Until he betrayed us in the worst way possible.


Now I despised him.


But I still felt his presence stalking me like a shadow, desperate to have me back once more.


Losing the love of my life irrevocably changed me.


For months, I’ve felt mad with longing, my obsession for her only growing deeper.


Ella Ximena Cordova was beautiful, perfect, and still mine.


My princess, my religion, my goddess Nemesis.


I would kill for her, die for her, live for her.


She thought I betrayed her, but nothing could be further from the truth.


Now we’re trapped together on the grounds of a haunted institution, partaking in a wicked game of Initiation Night, and I have another chance to convince her that we’re meant to be.


And I would stop at nothing until she belonged to me once more.


WARNING: Trapped With You (Remastered) is a dark new adult mafia romance. It’s the first book (now rewritten) in the Sins of Montardor series and can be read as a standalone. This book contains morally grey characters, strong language, sexual content, and dark themes. Reader discretion is advised.

Potential triggers for readers: mentions of a character's abused past, miscarriage, drugs, graphic violence scene, dubcon fantasy scene at the end of the book.

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